A place where refugees can plan
their future in peace and security
How.we.got.started. what.we.must.do.next some.facts.along.the.way yon.can.participate


This year 60 million
people will not survive
in their current habitat.
In desperation they
will take what they
can carry and flee:
becoming refugees,
nearly half are children.

First stop will be an overcrowded refugee
camp in which they
will suffer for up to
two years - if the
world can stil
support them




Then traffickers
will march, truck
and boat them to
somewhere. Many
will not survive. In
2015 twenty million
people are being
trafficked - many
of them refugees

After weeks or even months
traveling they find the way
blocked They are, at the
least, unwelcome; at
worst: illegal. It almost
seems there remains
no place on the earth
where they might be
able to survive in
peace and security.







Which is why we are
seeking help to build
a floating city for them,
consisting of refurbished
ships, tethered together in
calm international waters.